Sunday, May 6, 2007

This is a picture of my darling preschool group. I teach children from different ethnic backgrounds. Just what I prayed for. I love teaching......

Sogo Locks
Having a bad hair day ......Sogo
It is rainng outside ......Sogo
Oh no... its a windy day........Sogo
Time for exercise........Sogo
Late for work, spritz and go....
Last minute engagement.....Sogo
Company just stopped by....Hello


This is a picture of my son. He is 21 and attending school for nursing. He had his locks installed a month before mine. He claims he thought of the idea all by himself. Isn't that funny. Everyone rants and raves about them all the time. He said all his does is spritz and finger combs. That is the get and go ability I am talking about. You should see him in a suit ! Sogo

Sogo locks

Three months into my venture. I am finally happy with my hair. I can not believe it holds curl now and it is even beginning to thicken up. I just love the get up and go ability I have. Paulette(Detroit) did my installation and she did a beautiful job. I could not be happier. Thanks to everyone for blogging because I feel so alone. No one hardly has sisterlocks in my part of town. Everyone just looks and wonders what I am doing with my hair. Thanks for all your inspiration. Shout out to ChosenVessel, Brenda, Goodnapps and Blaqkofi you all are a true inspiration.

This is 6 months without a relaxer, I had a hard time waiting once I found out about sisterlocks. There was no holding me back at that point. I knew what I wanted done to my hair. The wait was the hardest part. I have been totally happy since I got them installed. No more hour upon hour in the salon, getting burned by a curling iron, dye dripping now my face onto my clothes, hair being pulled out by braiding and no more creamy crack. I can not say I have had any bad hair days. When I do I just place a hairband on and go..... Sogo

My venture

My decision to get sisterlocks was truly a venture. I had it with relaxers and was tried of sitting in a salon only to go home unhappy. As I transitioned my beautician told me, I can not do anything with your hair. You will need a relaxer, I was near tears. I then found a natural salon that specialized in natural hair, only problem it cost $35 an hour. The style would barely last a week and I was back at the salon again. I did not want to depend on a salon to make me satisfied. I searched and searched and found out about sisterlocks. It was love at first sight.